Parent Academy

The Parent Academy is our district’s free, year-round parent engagement initiative, helping parents become more involved in their children’s education. We promote the academic growth of every student, and the goal of The Parent Academy complements that approach. 

We provide educational excellence for students by informing parents of their important roles in fostering growth and uniting our school with the community. Giving parents a fuller sense of their rights, responsibilities, and the educational opportunities available is an integral part of that.

Parent Academy will create new systems for building parent knowledge, skills, and networks for leading their children’s education and advocating for strong schools, for their own children and for all children.

Get Involved

  • Drop-In: Many opportunities require no registration, and will be open to all
  • Register: Some opportunities require RSVP or pre-registration
  • Workshops: Workshops will be experiences that consist of one or two meetings
  • Courses: Courses will be experiences that consist of three or more meetings

Parent Academy courses and workshops will be delivered by district staff, community partners, and subject-specific experts. Courses and workshops will take place in our schools.

  • In-Person Opportunities – Courses and workshops will be offered for district-wide groups as well as school-based groups in multiple languages, in a variety of settings
  • Print Information – Parent Academy will also help to coordinate and promote print information on supporting learning and child development at home


  • To provide opportunities, including monthly workshops, for parents and family members to build their knowledge, skills, and networks for leading their children’s education and advocating for strong schools 
  • To support the district’s effort to engage the community by providing information and opportunities for parents, community members, and staff to fulfill their roles in building family-school partnerships
  • To include a specialized focus that schools and families identify as a fit for their personalized needs