District is Ahead of the Technological Curve

Long before the pandemic necessitated virtual learning, the Bound Brook School District embraced technology and took steps to put a device into every student’s hands.

The technology initiative started in 2007 with the high school’s first 1:1 laptop program, later expanding to the middle school in 2008 and reaching full district implementation by 2015. Today, every student has access to a personal Chromebook in class and at home.

“Technology inside and outside the classroom gives students an even playing field to gain the skills that are needed to thrive in the 21st century,” said Superintendent Dr. Daniel Gallagher. “While other districts had to pivot to get enough devices for students during the pandemic, we had prioritized this long ago.”

Classroom tech doesn’t stop there! At the heart of learning lies interactivity and the ability for students to collaborate with one another. To ensure those needs are met and exceeded, Bound Brook has installed Promethean boards in every classroom. The multi-purpose boards act as interactive whiteboards, advanced computers and video players — just to name a few.

A state-of-the-art engineering lab in the high school has also allowed Bound Brook’s students not only to use computer programs to design their ideas, but also to manufacture them to gain real-world experience. Inspired by Project Lead the Way’s mission of transforming education with hands-on learning, students also have found great success in the district’s Biomedical program. The district plans to expand these opportunities.

Student safety is a top priority in Bound Brook, and several security and firewall programs such as GoGuardian are installed on devices district-wide to ensure that students are protected. Flagging and blocking potentially harmful content allows the district’s well-trained counseling professionals to promptly and effectively provide support to any students in need.

Additional resources for students include electronic textbooks for grades 7-12 and full utilization of Google Classroom. In such unprecedented times, Bound Brook has demonstrated its ability to adapt and remain well ahead of the technological curve to provide its students and staff with the tools and technology needed for success.