Bound Brook School District Continues to Excel Through Award Winning High School Program

After graduating Bound Brook High School in 2022, Ronald Chinchilla was unsure where his path would lead. Luckily, he had William David Ross, supervisor of the Career Technical Education/Work Based Learning program at BBHS, by his side. 

Introduced to a world of opportunities available to BBHS students through the program, Mr. Ross and Ronald worked together to get Ronald into Raritan Valley Community College, as well as landing a job at FlexBiosys, Inc. 

The program gave Ronald direction and mentorship, as well as a path to explore his interest in the real estate industry. He cites Mr. Ross’ guidance as a large factor in his success. 

“The program paved a way for my future,” Ronald said. “Students shouldn’t hesitate to get in contact with him. He’s extremely nice and will talk to everyone.” 

Mr. Ross began the program in the fall of 2019 and David LePoidevin, industry consultant, helped expand it in the fall of 2021. The program provides college and career readiness in vocational training and connects students with higher education and career resources.  

Students are introduced to professional networking with CEOs and employees of businesses to improve their understanding of industry opportunities and potential career trajectories. 

The program was recently recognized as part of the New Jersey School Boards Association’s Annual School Leader Awards, which showcases creative and effective programs from New Jersey schools. 

The award shines a spotlight on the commitment of what the Bound Brook School District constantly strives to do, which is preparing, mentoring and guiding all students through the college and career process for future success. 

“In only a few short years, we have graduated many students from Bound Brook High School’s CTE/WBL Program who are a step ahead in their preparations for higher education and robust careers,” said Mr. Ross. “Our students prove every day that they can do anything they put their minds to, and they are truly the reason the CTE/WBL program is a successful, award-winning model.”