Bound Brook High School Robotics Continues Award Winning Season

R.O.B.B.E Team 56 (Robotics of Bound Brook & Ethicon), Bound Brook High School’s robotics team, continues its impressive tradition with this season of FIRST® Robotics. 

At the FIRST Mid-Atlantic Warren Hills District Competition, the group received the FIRST Impact Award. This prestigious honor recognizes the team that best embodies the mission of FIRST Robotics and who serves as a model for other teams to emulate. The judges praised the team’s diversity and other initiatives as the team works to raise awareness of STEAM in their school community and beyond, including by mentoring young BBSD students and hosting outreach events.   

Members of R.O.B.B.E Team 56 are no strangers to the FIRST Impact Award as back-to-back awardees. It also marks the third time the team has achieved the award overall.  

R.O.B.B.E Team 56 President Kimberly Chaves-Cubero was named a Dean’s List Award Semi-Finalist at the Warren Hills Competition. Similar to the National Merit Scholarship Award, it celebrates sophomores and juniors who exemplify leadership and have increased awareness for FIRST and its mission. Awardees attract the attention of prestigious colleges and universities who desire to recruit FIRST Dean’s List students. As a semifinalist, Kimberly will compete for this award at the FIRST Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship.  

The group also won other attribute-based awards earlier this season, such as the Team Sustainability Award at the Mt. Olive District Competition. This award celebrates a team for developing practices to have a positive environmental impact. This marks the program’s third triumph for this accolade, building upon its legacy of environmental stewardship.  

The judges commended the team’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, “With their plans for the future, you can be sure this team isn’t going anywhere. From the pit to the lobby, being eco-friendly is their hobby.” 

Mrs. Lauren Belli, Robotics Team Faculty Advisor, was honored with the Donald Bowers Inspiration Award at the Mt. Olive District Competition. This award recognizes individuals who instill the values of FIRST within their team and community and honors the legacy of Donald Bowers 

The judges recognized Mrs. Belli’s supportive nature saying, “This mentor teaches team members what it takes to collaborate, think creatively and the value of learning from mistakes. With even a simple bracelet saying, ‘You got this!’, this mentor lets students know anything is possible!” 

What’s next? R.O.B.B.E Team 56 will be competing in the FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Championship in April at Lehigh University. Join us as we wish them luck during the rest of this impressive season. Learn more about the team at: