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Smalley Grades 4-6, Lafayette Grades 2-3


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Congratulations to Mrs. Krenek on being named the 2016/2017 Smalley School Teacher of the Year!


Congratulations to our Students of the Month for March!

Grade 4: Olgierd Malik

Grade 5: Kathleen Calderon

Grade 6: Dayanna Monzon

Congratulations to our Classroom Students of the Month for February!
Gabriela Ayala, Sulee Julian, Lizbeth Priego, Tania Alfaro-Vasquez, Kendall Rojas, Kayla Protenic, Jay Dominguez, Niol Priego, Valerine Lopez, Kerry Malpartida, Delia Ruiz, Brenda Olivera, Ashley Lopez, Jose Reyes, Gabe Ore, Kevin Cruz, Shileah Huggins, Isabella Granzette, David Olivera, Dynzel Urena, Daniel Vadney

Students of Smalley School were hard at work to contribute toward:

BLACK HISTORY MONTH at the Bound Brook Public Library.   6th Graders illustrated the “Other Half” of their choice of famous African Americans that have made a contribution to society.  5th Graders, in collaboration with fifth grade cross curriculum Social Studies, studied the African Masai Tribe’s culture and created beautiful artwork using a Collage technique, Oil Pastels and Burlap.  4th Graders studied the various Masks of Africa and the occasions for which they are created.  The results were quite beautiful as each artist created a unique and one-of-a kind, colorful mask to celebrate the culture.

Great job done by the following students:
  6th Grade: Jayson Diaz, Jared Townsen, Yorbelid Galdamez, Jose Reyes, Joseline Hernandez, CheNe’Yah Lowery, Alonso Chavez, Jordan Summers, Daniel Hernandez, Alejandro Wong, Edward Aponte, Allan Zamora, Yulianna Giarcia, Amy Salazar, Thomas Lavornia, Katelin O'Reilly, Onya Boone, Joshua Sibaja, Merub Ahmad, Giavana Caraccioli, Kevin Cruz, Elijah Stackhouse, Emily Julian, Alison Gatierer, Laura Villota, Dajah Howard
5th Grade: Olivia Ullmann, Christopher Vera, Jonathan McGivern, Josiah Addo-Nartey, Saiey Morales, Anthony Chavez, Valerine Lopez, Kayla Kirk, Jose Rojas, M. Marsigla, Kelin Lizbeth, Gaby Rivero, Delia Cruz, Brenda Olivera, Rabiah Rasul, Megan Lam, Tyler Hayes, Nadia Wilson, Damaris Falconi, Hadiya Ahmad, David Banos, Catherine Banos, Kayrine Calderon, Mia Moore
4th Grade: Jamile Adoboe, Jay Dominquez, Irving Morales, Deyby Castellon, Brenda Lopez, Ximena Casto, Neris Guardado, Anthony Rivero,Farouk Abdelmonem, Swayne Toolsie, Katelyn Cunha, Kimberly Chaves,Jennifer Hernandez, Kayla Protenic, Sarah Perez, Nexon Vasques, Jessica Garcia, Rodolfo Morales, Fredy Samoyoa, Lizbeth Priego, Zorayah Espinosa, Marissa Hays, Emanuel Munoz, Kennedy Jordan, Yoselin Domingues,  Olgierd Malik

Additional student artwork is on display in the Smalley School hallway. 

Great Job Smalley students!!!

Our Walking School Bus Events are Back!  Please join us on Tuesday, November 1st at Codrington Park.  We will meet at 7:25 A.M. and walk to Smalley Elementary School together.
Welcome to Smalley Elementary School!  I'm excited to be serving as your school principal and I look forward to a successful school year.
Best regards,
John Grebeck

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