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    Mission Statement

    "Bound Brook High School is a supportive, multicultural community that provides an innovative and academically challenging educational program while offering a variety of extra curricular and social opportunities that encourage life long learning".


    Edward Smith, Principal


    Deborah Pikulin, Secretary to the Principal


     Christine Larson, Acting Assistant Principal


    Anthony Egan, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director


    Damaris Colon, Attendance/Athletic Secretary   

    732-652-7950 x3964

    Sally Hoben, School Nurse

    732-652-7950 x3961

    Jessica Luteran, Director of Pupil Personnel Services


    District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

    Jessica Luteran

    111 W. Union Ave, Bound Brook, NJ 08805


     Bound Brook High School Anti-Bullying Specialist

    Jennilyn Nelson

    111 W. Union Ave, Bound Brook, NJ 08805



    Dear School Community Members:

    Bound Brook High School is a Choice School that prides itself on our ability to consistently change and adapt to continuously provide better services to the students that we serve. Through our professional and support staff, Bound Brook High School continues to prepare student's to become life long learners and productive citizens in the 21st century. The curriculum offered to Bound Brook students is aligned to State requirements and diversified based upon students needs and interests. It includes, but is not limited to the following: Language Arts Literacy, Science, Social Studies, Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy, Health, Safety, and Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, World Languages, Technological Literacy, and 21st Century Life and Career/Technical Education.

    Additionally, Bound Brook High School works in conjunction with the local community college to offer concurrent enrollment classes, which provides college courses to students at the high school as part of their academic day. Successful completion of concurrent enrollment courses fulfills high school graduation requirements and grants college credit to students.

    Furthermore, for the 2016-2017 school year, the district will continue to expand our 1:1 Chromebook initiative, which serves as the driving force behind instruction, as well as extending our Engineering, Bio-Medical, and Honors academies. Bound Brook High School also offers a multitude of academic electives and extra-curricular activities for our students to participate in, while creating a strong foundation for their academic success. The leadership team at Bound Brook High School utilizes students and community members as the focal point for all of our management and educational decisions.  

    It is our belief that the most important responsibility we have is to cultivate creative thinkers who will bring something special to the community and make positive contributions to society. In addition, our intention is to create and share a continued, collective vision of learning with all stakeholders in the Bound Brook school community. Through the implementation of a 21st Century model of teaching and learning, our results will yield that teachers and students are working across and beyond traditional disciplines and boundaries as engaged co-learners, critical and creative thinkers, and problem solvers. Together, we are confident that we will continuously rise to the occasion and achieve success in facilitating the academic, social, and emotional development of our students with the most ethical and unique approach possible.                                                                                     

    Best Regards,                  

    Mr. Edward Smith


  • Group 1 state Champs

    Congratulations to the Lady Crusaders Girls' Basketball Team for winning the Group 1 State Basketball Championship

  • The National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes outstanding students from grades 10 through 12. It was formed in 1921 as a result of the desire of educators to promote student excellence. The Bound Brook High School chapter was founded in June 1962. The pillars of the Society are Scholarship, Character, Service, and Leadership.   Today the National Honor Society is one of the most recognizable co curricular student activities in American High Schools with a membership of over 1,000,000 students in all 50 states.

    On November 30, 2016, the BBHS National Honor Society held its induction ceremony. Thirty-one new members were inducted into the society. They are: Hailey Aguilar, Daniel Allen, Jordan, Clarida, Taylor Clarida, Gustavo Colina Fontalvo,

    Irma Cruz, Tryphena Esuruoso, Kyle Frauenheim, Carolina Guerrero, Edwuin Jimenez, Kyra Johnson, Ashley Liranzo-Meza, Victoria Mandato, Lacey Meyer, Cortlyn Morris, Joselyn Navarro, Jorge Ramirez, Elaine Ruiz,Nicole Seyffart, Guramrit Singh, J'Maya Sistrunk, Nancy Tlatenco Diaz,

    Heather Tomaselli, Jose Torres, Alexander Tran, Victoria Triana, Eduardo Vargas Gutierrez, Jose Vargas Gutierrez, Houston Ward, Jawhari Williams, Stephen Wisniewski. Congratulations to the new inductees! We are proud of all of your accomplishments.

Crusaders of the Month
  • Teacher of the Month  

    Congratulations to Mr. Nicholson for being named BBHS Teacher of the Month!

  • Rachael Lukacs

    One of our own, Rachael Lukacs received the Junior Olympic Gymnast of the Year Award.

  • Samantha Martinez

    Last Tuesday, February 28 at the Eastern State Championships in New York, Samantha Martinez set another school record of 11 feet. Congratulations Samantha!


  •                        HIGH HONOR ROLL

    Maida Ahmad Jordan Clarida Erin Doherty Elizabeth DeFazio
    Connor Brown Taylor Clarida Karen Funes Ramirez Ashley Gallagher
    Joseph DeFazio Valeria Escobar Uruena Alan Garcia Jose Torres
    Fatimah Griffin Marlon Howell Hasina Griffin Thomas Urban
    Jordan Guzman-Hernandez Kris Martinez Edwuin Jimenez    
    Zy'Aire Johnson Michelle Martinez Maksym Lelyanov    
    Nicholas Mandato Isabella Meola Rachael Lukacs    
    Katriona Nagy Cortlyn Morris Victoria Mandato    
    Julia Nilsen Evelyn Nunez Roy Monge Hidalgo    
    Isaac Perez Guramrit Singh Axel Quesada Ulloa    
    Brandon Quinones Heather Tomaselli Jordan Todaro    
    Dylan Ruiz Fernandez Eileen Rodriguez-Saenz Victoria Triana    
    Emily Toy Diogo Santos Eduardo Vargas Gutierrez    
    Isabel Ullmann Carlos Ugalde Houston Ward    
    Cameron Ward            
  •                  HONOR ROLL

    Stephanie Andrade Elimelec Alvarez Eric Alvarenga Daniel Allen
    Patrick Doherty Ashley Andrade Obrian Arias Emily Andrade
    Marcus Galicia Jaiden Chavis Tint Aung Evian Brown
    Francisco Garcia Hadir Elyamany Cecilia Carcamo Torres Robert Cleary
    Perla Guzman-Cruz Tomas Fidermak Matthews Carrera Emely Cortes
    Samantha Issler Richard Frazier Keren Cortes Lebron Gissel Escalante Quijano
    Michael Leon Nadazi Gause Irma Cruz Tryphena Esuruoso
    Elbert Lopez Jose Gomez Menjivar Luis Enriquez Gabriela Fitzpatrick
    Dereck Morita Jose Gonzalez Manzanero Kyle Frauenheim Kamiyah Johnson
    Daniel Pena Myles Key Alexandra Galyon Sean Kearns
    Cristina Rosa David Lepoidevin Joshua Gonzalez Mekhi Lewis
    Bryan Solis Juliana Lloyd Maria Guerrero Johanna Martinez Fajardo
    Christopher Urban Allison Lozano Melanei Hernandez Christopher Mora
        Aaron Mangal Julian Jimenez Olivia Nilsen
        Tyese Muslim William Johnson Kevin Ocampo
        Erin O'Reilly Cesar Lopez Shaniyah Phinn
        Eileen Rodriguez-Saenz Pamela Martinez Adrian Rodriguez
        Manuel Torres Nicole Mejia Nicole Roth
        Nicole Zamora Joselyn Navarro Laura Suarez Tovar
            Camila Rivera Salguero Jose Vargas Gutierrez
            Megan Tomaselli Joseph Warren
                Jawhari Williams

  • February Birthdays

NHS Induction 2016
Robotics Coat Drive
  • The Robotics Club collected 62 coats and nearly 80 pounds of other winter accessories including hats, mittens, gloves, sweaters, etc.  The Salvation Army was extremely thankful and a bit overwhelmed by the generous response.  They will distribute items today in conjunction with Thanksgiving meals. 

Mr. Smith as the "Guest Reader" at Lafayette School

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